Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Update

I'm sorry that it's been several days since I've posted, but we've had a lot going on! The first thing that happened-- John got a new job! John was offered a position as a manager of a new pet store that will soon be opening. Many of you know that we aren't really pet people, but a good job is a good job. This couldn't have come at a better time as we have had the itch to add to our family again, so we finally decided to bite the bullet and actually get a dog. We took Will to the Humane Society and he fell in love with an adorable little Pit Bull, Great Dane mix that we brought home and named Nacho Libre. Will loves to ride on his back like he's a horse. He's only snapped at Will a couple times and got in fights with the neighbor dogs twice.

I have also decided to go back to work. I know somebody who knows somebody and was offered a job at the University of Kentucky teaching a new class about the pitfalls of teaching. It's part of their new awareness program to help students make sure that their major is a good fit. I have been busy writing down all my favorite teaching stories.

Since I will be working again, we have been looking for a daycare for Will. We found an amazing little preschool that allows you to pick a major and minor for your child. It is designed to groom them into who you want them to be. Will will be majoring in science (and doing baby science projects most of the day--some with minor explosions!) and minoring in dance (with emphasis on break dancing and ballet).

Will has also finally started talking in complete sentences. He spoke his first sentences when we were getting ready to put him to bed the other night. He said, "No way! I'm coming with you!"

John and I have also been accepted as contestants on a new weight loss show. Since the biggest losers seem to be the heaviest people, as part of our strategy, we committed to eating at buffets most evenings until the show starts taping in the late summer. If you are hankering for a buffet, give us a call.

Since my Face Book quiz said I was most like the TV mom Carol Brady, we decided that we should also get a maid. After hours of crazy interviews, we finally found one. She is going to be a live-in maid, like Alice, since we are such messes. She can follow us around and pick up after us all day, then cook us 5 course meals at night when we are tired of the buffet!

Last, but not least, we thought it would take a while to add to our family again, but the adoption rules have once again changed. As long as you can come get them by the end of the year, regardless of income, you can now adopt as many children as you want at one time from Val Verde, a South American country. By Christmas we should have four new little angels home with us. Actually, they aren't all so little. The boys are 7 and 9. The girls are 4 and 12. Look for them on the next Christmas card.

That's how it stands for the Wohlford family, this first day of April, 2009.


  1. OMG Tara that is a lot of stuff going on! are you serious about all of it? Congrats with John getting a new job!!!!!! Justin and I have been praying for him for awhile now. Woo hoo! the lord is good. Will is growing so fast. You are starting to work again too. what is you exact title? are you working full time. What show did you get accepted to? and are you really serious about adopting 4 children by the end of the year! wow!!!!!

  2. are teaching a class at it. thats sounds fun. college students vs children - much different dynamic

  3. I finally got it! Great post. You had me laughing pretty hard by the end, although I was a bit worried about the dog at first! And if any of it is true, well then April Fools right back at ya and I was only kidding!

  4. Oh my! The entire time I was reading it, I was thinking - are you serious??? I finally read the comments and realized it was April 1!

  5. haha. april fools. i so fell for it. i'm a dork

  6. I was buying it until the weight loss show. I just thought it was another crazy day for you guys. Normal! Ha ha very funny.

  7. Yeah, you had me up to the minor in break dancing....too funny! No, we're not planning on being at the reunion. It's just too far to drive w/4 kiddos.

  8. You had me til the minoring in dance with breakdancing and "grooming your child into who you want them to be." You're terrible! LOL j/k