Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! Wohlford Babies is about to expire, and since we now have our first baby, we're opting for a new, free blog.

For those of you who knew us back when we got married, you might remember that John and I had pencil favors that said, "John loves Tara" and "Tara loves John." That's where I got the idea for my blog name. Trying to come up with something cute and creative is quite exhausting--especially when you are coming up empty. I wanted my blog name to mean something. Since marriage is the heart of our family, and where our family began, I decided it was the perfect name. John was also very fond of it! Besides, "Tara loves John and Will" just doesn't flow. I don't want to change the blog name for each child that comes along either. Plus using our names in the title makes it a little easier to remember. And to be perfectly honest, we use to gross people out all the time with our PDA and sappiness when we were dating and earlier in our earlier married days. It's been way too long. So there you go.

I'll be posting the usual mom type stories and photos, along with the occasional scrapbook page or my 2 cents on what's going on in the world and other ramblings. Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon!