Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Double Whammy...Happy Grandparents Day and Mimi's Birthday

Unfortunately there isn't time for a long post as we are preparing for our first seasonal trip to an orchard. This time we are finally making it for apple season, which I usually miss with all the pumpkin anticipation. Will has been looking forward to this trip for about a month now, ever since he saw apples on a neighbor's tree and I told him we were going to go. Be on the look out for lots of good orchard pictures and entries to come!

But I didn't want the day to pass without saying Happy Grandparents Day to both my grandmother (who will probably never see this as she doesn't do computers) and to Will's grandparents. We all need grandparents to dote on us when our parents are trying to discipline, which is just what Will's grandparents do. So allow me to put a few words into his mouth, "Mamaw! Mimi! Papaw! Thanks for all the cookies and chips before meals. For all the toys and books that make loud noises and the golf cart rides. For reminding me how smart I am and letting me make gates with your legs for an hour at a time. For teaching me how to make funny faces and letting me yell in your houses. For turning on the TV for me when Mommy and Daddy think it's time to turn it off. For bragging to your friends about me, singing with me when you aren't usually a singer, and reading to me when you aren't normally a reader. For letting me kick you in the middle of the night and sleep in y0ur bed. For spoiling me rotten. I love you! Happy Grandparents Day!"

And Happy Birthday Mimi! We love you and look forward to celebrating with you in person soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September

Yeah for September! Just one more month until my favorite month of the year! I'm enjoying the cool, fall-like weather already.

According to Beth Moore's suggestion, I have decided to not add any more verses for the year, but instead to try to really memorize the ones I have already picked. There are over 24 of them already since I memorized some of them in pairs, so I'm not really cheating. (Not that you care, but I do!)

I hope everyone's September is full of fun and wonderful surprises!