Thursday, January 15, 2009

38 and Better Than Ever!

Celebrating with his free Birthday Burger at Round Robin. Much to my delight, though not John's, they also sing to you and bring you a free Sundae!

John celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday, at least as much celebrating as you normally do at 38. I always have grand ideas of making birthdays the most awesome, amazing days ever, something they write movies about, but I always fall short. John doesn't really expect much anyway, but I love him so much and want to make it special for him. Unfortunately, he had a couple ugly things happen that made the day difficult--one that was pretty much over yesterday and one that will probably haunt us a few more weeks or months, if not longer. It is so true that it's much harder to watch someone you love get hurt than it is to be hurt yourself. I hate it that this happened. I hate it that it happened on his birthday. I don't understand why everyone doesn't see how wonderful, amazing, funny, smart, and dedicated my husband is, but I sure do. After 38 years of life, he is better than ever!

May this year be your best yet! Good things are coming. I love you, John!

John examining his new guitar quilt. Somehow he was surprised, even though I wouldn't let him go in the basement (where I sew) and Will has walked around pointing at the microwave constantly yelling, "Sew!" the last couple weeks.

As you can see, only the top is finished. I'll post more pics when it's in its completed state--very soon!


  1. omg! i so understand tara what you mean by people hurting someone you love so much. I feel like i'm arguing the same about justin!

  2. Whatever it is, hugs to both you and John. Love you both!

  3. You would never know from that picture that John had a hard day. That's such a great picture of him! When I have a hard day, I just cuddle up with Jordana and it all melts away. Does that work for the dad's too? Hmmmm... I'll have to ask Jason :-)