Friday, February 6, 2009

Dangerous Beauty

We count ourselves among the crazies--the ones who cheer on the ice and snow in hopes of being snowed in for several days, where the world around us will have to shut down and finally be still. It may be dangerous if you aren't very careful, but you cannot deny the beauty when everything is crisp and white. We are often jealous that we somehow always seem to fall just south of the boatloads of snow that others seem to get so frequently. This time we were in luck.

While others went without power, our little nook stayed nice and warm. Even our cheap pear trees, the only 2 left in the neighborhood, never lost a branch. Praise God! Our friends weren't all quite so lucky. We had some good friends stay with us a couple of days--slumber party style. Will was quite excited and, in typical playboy fashion, used the time to make a new girlfriend. He'd seen Hailey a few times before, but nothing bonds a young couple like spending quality time together. Check out his first kiss below...

My, they start young these days!

In spite of all the fun, we did miss out on a few things. It was actually too cold and icy to get out and sled and build snowmen. We would have made the old family go at it anyway except my husband is lucky enough to work at the only place in their area who wouldn't shut down. (Apparently someone in Indiana, where all the stores were closed, got to make the decisions here.) It's just no fun without John!

But I did dress Will in 5 or so layers to slip around the house and take some pictures for a few minutes. I was itching to get out and take some "cool" ice pictures, but I own one of very few Jeeps that aren't actually 4x4s, so it was a little dangerous. Plus you can't really traipse through snow and tight places with an almost two year old who loves to run the other direction, so no great ice pictures this time. : ( But maybe we will get lucky again. Winter is not over yet!


  1. And a good time was had by all!!!!

  2. I'm still jealous! We didn't have enough snow to stay on the ground. M is going to think this is jip after Hohhot winters! :) Will is too cute playing the "ladies man". :)

  3. wow tara! you have a big house! I love it. I'm glad the snow and ice is gone and now we have a little bit of warmer weather. Still havent forgot about our coffee/hotchoc/whatever you want to drink date!