Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We'll Miss You, Papaw!

Few people love you like your grandparents do. This was and is true in the case of Will's Papaw. John's dad went to live in Heaven a few days ago. He will be greatly missed here. He loved Will with all of his heart.

Will's Papaw was one of the first people to see his picture. He was staying at the nursing home recuperating from a broken hip when we first got our referral for Will. He was pleased with him right from the start. Even on his last day, he was singing songs about Will around the house. We're so thankful for the short amount of time that they got to spend together.

The first visit we took to see Papaw we got a great picture of him with Will on a disposable camera. (We forgot our digital.) Our copy of that picture is somewhere in the basement on a CD, but that's kind of like saying something is located "somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle." We'll find it and put the pictures on the computer, but for now, this picture will have to suffice. In it, John was showing him all our thousands of China pictures, but Papaw had stopped to look up at something Will was doing. He loved looking at pictures of Will. We'd given him several and he looked at them all day long, every day.

On a lighter note, whenever you have to go to a funeral, take a small child with you if you can. Will definitely lightened the mood when we really needed it.


  1. Tara & John,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it must be. It's wonderful that he saw Will before his home-going and that he got to enjoy visits with him. I'm sure that photo will be a priceless memory for you all. We'll pray for God's comfort for your hearts.

    Jill & Mallory

  2. Justin and I are so sorry to hear about john's dad. I hope you all are doing ok. Praying for the family!

  3. We will definitely be praying for you all and your fam. What a blessing the Lord's timing is that Will got to spend time with him. You are in our thoughts.

  4. So sorry to read the sad news of John's dad. He sounds like a wonderful Grandpa to Will. I am glad they were able to spend time together.