Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Week!

February is not only a short calendar month, but with Valentine's Day, Will's birthday, and my birthday, it can be a fun and busy month as well. The funny thing is that those events always fall within the same week. This year we even added Chinese New Year to that week as well.

I may have mentioned before that we LOVE Moms Club! Will attended a Mom's Club V-Day party and needed valentines to hand out, so we put on his ring bearer tux that he also LOVES, bought a rose, and made some pictures. We may not have topped him being cupid last year, but you have to admit, he is a handsome fellow!

And as an added bonus, all we have to do to get him to smile now is say the word "poop." He is such a BOY!!!

In case you were wondering, Will "signed" his own name on the card! (With a little guidance.)

Happy Chinese New Year! If you are interested in Chinese New Year at all (or even if you are not!) you should check out the free show at the library downtown. They change it up a little each year. It's very interesting. Plus it always inspires us to get will into Kung Fu some day and/or Chinese sword dancing! They are start lessons at 4 years old, so look out next year!

Will chose a Disney's C@RS theme for his birthday. After months of being obsessed with trains, he has moved on to Disney's C@RS. I have to admit I am excited that he likes these over matchbox cars. There is still something cute and little boyish about the Disney version that makes it easier to get excited about them than the others. If I'm going to play with them, I want to have fun too! Of course we are looking at between $3-$5.50 per car instead of 50cents...quality, not quantity.

As usual, my birthday was one of the first pretty days in the middle of the COLD gray winter. I like to think of it as God sending me a birthday present! After church, we went to eat Mexican and I got to wear the sombrero for the first time in my life. Will was really excited. Once they sang to the guy at the table next to us, I knew my turn was coming.

I hope everyone else had an eventful month like we did! And these were only some of the adventures...

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  1. What a fun month for you guys. I didn't realize that you guys shared a birthday month! Oh my goodness the pic of Will for V-day is the cutest ever and I love the caption. And I thought you might get a kick out of this: Ever since we ran into you and Will at Smashing Tomatoes back in Dec(I think), Jordana includes Will in EVERY bed time story that we tell her each night. It is so cute and she always asks about him! I love the toddler brain!