Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good Time for an Old Story

With good friends getting ready to leave for China, John and I have been reminiscing about our trip. Now don't think that I just go around telling stories on my husband--he's given me permission to post the stories I've told on him. But this is another good one that he reminded me of. I think he was embarrassed to post at the time...

The night we were scheduled to leave Beijing, we had to put our suitcases out to get picked up. This was a surprise to us and we didn't have much time before the bell boys would be around to collect them. Due to the restrictions from China airlines, there were only certain things we could take in our carry on, so we were running around trying to figure out how to pack and still be able to shower, etc. John was a good sport and got our bags out on time, but of course we forgot something and he, modest as he is, had to go back out to our bags wearing nothing but a robe. I was in the shower trying to use the liquids I needed so we could pack them up as well. After a few minutes I realized I hadn't heard John come back in. There was also a strange banging noise. I got out of the shower as quickly as I could and ran to the door. There stood John, panic stricken, trying to get back in the room before anyone saw him. I think John looks pretty cute in a robe. I wonder what the people across the hall would have said?

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