Monday, September 15, 2008

Willisms--Things That Make Will Will

Since nothing out of the ordinary has happened lately (everything seems ordinary after traveling halfway around the globe to bring home your son), I thought I'd tell you some of the things we've discovered about Will that make him who he is--our precious little boy!

1. The Louder the Better--Will loves to be loud everywhere we go--restaurants, stores, you name it and it's a place to scream, actually shrill. Nothing you can say or do will quiet him. I guess that's getting me back for all the times I wondered, "Why don't they do something with that child?"

2. Anything with Wheels--Anything with wheels is absolutely awesome. Trucks, cars, trains, etc. etc. We recently learned that the word he is often screaming out when in public is the Chinese word for "car." One of his very first words.

3. Outside is Better than Inside--That makes it a shame that we hate the bugs. Lucky for us they are about to die. We hope to fit in a camping trip before fall is over. Managing Will at a campsite--now that should make for some interesting blog material!

4. Reading is Great!--At first Will wasn't too fond of reading. Books were just something to shut when Mom and Dad were reading them. But thanks to books that make noises and other novelties, we have come to love reading, which makes us very happy. The smartest people are readers! At least thats what we teachers say. We also say that you need to read for at least 15 minutes each day, which we are aiming for. I had the bright idea of logging it and keeping it in a journal. I also wanted to double that to make up for lost time with him, but that hasn't quite happened yet either. Maybe someday...

5. Yo! Yo! Yo!--That's what Will says when answering the imaginary phone. You may have read that Will called the front desk in China and loved the hotel phones. Nothing has changed. Since we only use our cell phones and it's easy to redial, Will has called John at work 3 times. Amazingly John answered every time!

My other favorite phone adventure was when Will raised his leg straight up (he's very flexible!) and put his foot to his ear saying, "Yo! Yo! Yo!" Before I could get done laughing, he had his other foot to his other ear. He was on both lines.

6. Into EVERYTHING!!!--I couldn't leave that out. I've heard that boys are harder as toddlers. I think it's true. After babysitting a friend's little girl for a few hours, I decided it would take about 10 little girls to equal 1 of Will. At least as far as how much I have to chase him around and say, "No!" goes. But I don't like dull moments, so that's good for me. It does make us think that if we are going to have any more boys, we might should have them first while we are a little younger and have alittle more energy!

There are lots of things that make Will wonderful, not to mention that we sit around and talk about how cute he is all of the time, but we are headed out for a nice fall walk before Will and I are off to Bible study. (Actually, we just go for dinner and then jet. There is no studying with Will around!) We are super excited about FALL!!!

We put part of his Halloween costume on for a minute today to try to get him use to it. He didn't care for it, but he couldn't get it off. I'll have to keep you in suspense for now. But you can bet there will be LOTS of pictures. We've also got 3 Halloween shirts ready to wear! 2 trips to different pumpkin patches are in the works, 1 children's Halloween party, and trick-or-treating. The decorations will be up soon. I'm just hoping he doesn't tear down our Halloween tree!

Bye for now,

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  1. The "phone feet" just cracks me up! Mallory is only finally learning now that saying "hello" to her doesn't always mean she needs to put her hand to her ear like she's answering a call. LOL I'd venture she might come close to the number of "no"-s in a day; I thought for sure that her first words would be "mama says no," but thankfully she hasn't learn to say "no" yet. I know that will come soon enough. I'm glad to hear Will's all-boy as ever. We miss y'all!